Dynamic Movement Yoga liberation of mind



About Dynamic Movement Yoga

Dynamic Movement YogaDynamic Movement Yoga is an inspiring, invigorating and liberating style of yoga practice that combines traditional asanas (postures) with movement, breath and music to create a dynamic, graceful and athletic Vinyasa (fluid) style of yoga practice.

Dynamic Movement Yoga is designed to work on the four physical elements of balance, strength, flexibility and cardiovascular (fitness). It has also been created to assist in increasing one’s vitality (life force), self- awareness, focus and clarity of mind.

Beata Alfoldi-Askew the director of Dynamic Movement says:

“My intention with dynamic movement yoga has been to create and develop a modality in which people can heal themselves through movement of the body and thereby experience liberation of the mind. This enables the full expression of ones creative life-force to be experienced”.

Dynamic Movement Yoga is a beautiful tool for living consciously and assisting people to move through their lives with grace, awareness and ease.

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