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Corporate Yoga

Dynamic Movement YogaYoga is an excellent way to reduce workplace stress and re-charge.
It enhances individual health and well-being and may have a positive effect on productivity.

Dynamic Movement Yoga conducts corporate classes for staff members and provides yoga, meditation, massage and a range of other services for business conferences, retreats and functions.

Whilst yoga in the workplace can reduce stress and promote well-being,
it can also increase one’s fitness and flexibility and calm the mind. In addition to learning how to move into yoga postures whilst using breath to relax and rejuvenate. Staff will also learn about the general health benefits of yoga and how they can apply the practice in their workplace.

Each staff member is encouraged to work at their own pace and individual instruction is designed to match each student’s ability.

An initial introductory class is available to ascertain staff and interest levels. An email or flyer around the office is a simple way to promote a yoga class. Alternatively companies may establish a five week term immediately.

"”I am so much fitter and more in control of my mind and body”." Anne Henne - 46 years, Teacher

"I put-off going to yoga for years. After Beata's class I don't know why I waited so long. I love it." Ann-Marie - 40 years, Naturopath

"I thought I would last a week. It's been two years and I still love it." Mandy Gray - 55 years, Business Owner

Dynamic Movement Yoga-Corporate Options

1) Yoga Flow: This is a more gentle class aimed to stretch, calm and refresh students so that they are ready to move on to the next part of their day.

2) Yoga On The Go: A 45min lunchtime class designed for a high-impact, all over body/mind workout. Leaving students feeling rejuvenated and energised.

3) Yoga Workout: This is a challenging and athletic yoga class working on strength, flexilbility and fitness.Students will feel invigorated and energised afterwards.

4) Yoga and Meditation: This is a wonderful combination for developing the body mind connection.The yoga postures will stretch, relax and tone the body; whilst the meditative aspect will be both calming and focusing for the mind.

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