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Profile Beata Alfoldi

Dynamic Movement YogaBeata Alfoldi began training as a classical dancer at the age of four and completed her Advanced examination in the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus with honors. At the age of eighteen whilst completing a Bachelor of Arts in Dance, Beata became interested in all aspects of yoga. After receiving a scholarship to train at the American Dance Festival in North Carolina, Beata traveled to London where she worked in many West End musicals such as Cats, Mack & Mabel and Hey Mr Producer.

Upon returning to Australia Beata pursued an international choreographic career through the medium of film, television and theatre. Her passion for yoga was re-ignited as she began to explore human potential through various healing and teaching modalities. It was to be a pivotal turning point in Beata’s life. The deeper and more committed she became to her yoga practice, the more insights she gained into her inner self and life-purpose. A deep and healing transformation began to take place.

It was through yoga that Beata healed a chronic back condition and began to experience the positive health benefits and inner well being of a daily yoga practice. All of these changes inspired her to become a certified yoga teacher, traveling internationally to study with various different schools and disciplines of yoga.

Whilst Beata has an enduring respect for traditional yoga practice, her background in dance, choreography and yoga has inspired her to develop a unique style of her own. The result is what Beata refers to as “Dynamic Movement Yoga.”

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